Cates Family Eye Care will see patients of any age. Exams may be catered to an individual’s age and capability.
We recommend an exam every year from age 3 and up (unless problems present beforehand).
If you have any health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes it is imperative to have an exam every year.
Contact lens prescriptions are required to be renewed every year to be sure that your eyes are staying in top health.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Include glasses prescription, eye muscle testing, visual field screening, color vision,
depth perception, glaucoma and eye pressure testing,
full ocular health check including dilation if needed. Click Here for pricing information.

Contact Lens Fitting

This would be done along with a comprehensive eye exam for those wanting contact lenses.
Exam includes the appropriate measurements to fit the correct contact lens for the curve of your eye,
trial contact lenses (soft disposable),instruction on how to wear and care for your contacts,
and 90 days of follow up care to ensure satisfaction of fitting.Click Here for pricing information.

Other Services

Removal of Foreign Bodies - Removal of any metal or foreign object.

Red Eye Treatment